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Bush vacation means many TFRs west of the MississippiBush vacation means many TFRs west of the Mississippi

On Saturday, President Bush heads to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, for his annual summer break from Washington, D.C. During his stay there, he'll make at least four trips to other areas, which will mean temporary flight restrictions in each place.

On August 11, he'll attend a fund-raiser in Denver. On August 14, he'll address troops in Miramar, Calif., and then attend an event in San Diego. He'll overnight in California, holding a fund-raiser in Orange County and touring a national recreation area on August 15. Later in the month, he'll tour a national forest in Oregon and attend fund-raisers in Portland and in Bellevue, Wash. On August 26, Bush will visit Minneapolis and St. Louis. In addition, he will attend an event for major Republican donors at a "nearby" ranch. Depending on how close that ranch is to the President's ranch, pilots may expect the Crawford TFR to move.

AOPA has been aggressively searching public and unclassified sources for information about the President's travels. The association has been forced to make the extra effort to give pilots timely notice of anticipated presidential-movement TFRs, because the FAA has consistently failed to do so.

"With just the Internet and a little bit of searching, AOPA was able to determine where the President's going to be several weeks to a month from now and give pilots an early heads up," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "As I said in a letter to FAA Administrator Marion Blakey, we do not understand why, when this information is easily available, the FAA can't get notams out until 12 hours or less before the TFR goes into effect."


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