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'Do not call' list nothing new for AOPA'Do not call' list nothing new for AOPA

The nation's consumers may not yet have a way to block telemarketing calls, but AOPA members have always been able to say, "Please don't call me." Because AOPA respects the privacy of its members, the association has maintained an internal "do not call" list since the 1970s, long before Congress tried to create a national "do not call" list to block telemarketers. AOPA members have always been able to tell their association how much—or how little—contact they want. And that extends beyond phone calls to e-mail and mail as well.

"Without the generous support of our members, we wouldn't be able to fund the many safety programs of the Air Safety Foundation," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "Much of that money is raised through phone calls, and we appreciate it when members take the time to talk to us and respond so generously.

"But we also respect our members' privacy. If you don't want to be called, we won't. Period. Just let us know. We've always supported the intent of the federal law—the elimination of unwanted telemarketing calls."

Members who wish not to receive telephone calls from AOPA can e-mail Member Assistance at any time or call 800/872-2672 between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern time.

Congress did exempt charities and nonprofit organizations like AOPA and the Air Safety Foundation from the "do not call" list. That's why you might receive a call even if your name is on the national list.

"But regardless of what the law may allow, what the individual member wants is what counts," said Boyer. "It's always been that way."


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