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Extended TFR to be in effect for Thursday's shuttle launch carrying Israeli astronautExtended TFR to be in effect for Thursday's shuttle launch carrying Israeli astronaut

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The launch of the space shuttle Columbia carrying an Israeli astronaut is slated for Thursday, January 16. Heightened security will be in effect. Pilots are cautioned that an inadvertent unauthorized incursion into the area of the Cape Canaveral temporary flight restriction area (TFR) could cause a scrub in the launch of Columbia, the activation of airspace defenses, and an FAA enforcement action. The notam establishing the TFR around the Kennedy Space Center goes into effect on January 16 at 0140 local through 1740 local. No Part 91 (general aviation), Part 125, or VFR flight operations will be permitted within a 30-nm radius below 18,000 feet. Aircraft operating between 30 nm and 40 nm must obtain a discrete transponder code and clearance from air traffic control, maintain radio contact with ATC, and operate at a speed of less than 180 knots. The shuttle TFR affects 10 public-use airports including New Smyrna Beach (EVB), Massey (X50), Sanford (SFB), Orlando Executive (ORL), Daytona Beach International (DAB), Merritt Island (COI), Space Coast Regional (TIX), Dunn (X21), Orlando International (MCO), and Melbourne International (MLB). Pilots must check notams prior to flight for any changes.


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