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30-nm TFR issued for State of the Union speech30-nm TFR issued for State of the Union speech

Violations could lead to severe consequencesViolations could lead to severe consequences

Click for larger image The FAA has issued a 30-nm flight restriction for President Bush's State of the Union address, affecting pilots within the D.C. metropolitan area. The TFR goes into effect the evening of January 28 from 2000 local until 2300 local.

Despite earlier indications from security officials, the notam effectively grounds both IFR and VFR Part 91 and 135 activity for the duration of the TFR. In addition, all flight operations at College Park, Hyde, and Potomac airports and existing flight waivers issued for SFAR 94 are suspended during the effective times of the TFR.

Pilots are warned that the TFR will be monitored closely for violations. In a meeting Thursday afternoon with AOPA President Phil Boyer and Andy Cebula, AOPA senior vice president, a high-ranking security official said, "No pilot wants to make the mistake of violating this TFR."

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