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AOPA-supported legislation could speed up new Austin-area airportAOPA-supported legislation could speed up new Austin-area airport

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AOPA Regional Representative Jerry Hooper, Texas state representatives Arlene Wohlgemuth and Ron Wilson, and AOPA Vice President for Regional Affairs Bill Dunn

AOPA-supported legislation has been introduced in the Texas legislature that could speed the opening of a new general aviation airport to serve the central Texas area. House Bill 483 would allow the state to consider reopening Austin's Robert Mueller Airport to satisfy the legislature's mandate to add a new general aviation airport in central Texas. State Representative Ron Wilson (D-131st) sponsored the measure to modify existing law and make it easier to replace facilities lost when Austin Executive and Robert Mueller airports closed. Currently, the law creating a new airport in central Texas prohibits use of the Mueller Airport site.

In a meeting Monday with AOPA Vice President of Regional Affairs Bill Dunn, Representative Wilson told Dunn that general aviation plays such a critical role to the state's economy that the location and construction of a new airport must be conducted without limitations. Longtime AOPA member Representative Arlene Wohlgemuth has also agreed to co-sponsor the bill.


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