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AOPA lobbies down to the wire to prevent ATC privatizationAOPA lobbies down to the wire to prevent ATC privatization

Late Friday afternoon, AOPA President Phil Boyer was personally contacting key members of a congressional conference committee to ensure that legislation to overturn the administration's attempts to privatize air traffic control is passed.

"Chairman Don Young personally assured me that language prohibiting ATC privatization will be in the final FAA reauthorization bill," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. (Rep. Young from Alaska chairs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and is chairman of the House-Senate conference committee reconciling the bill.)

"This bill contains many provisions important to AOPA members, including changes to the 'pilot insecurity' rule and privatization prohibitions," said Boyer. "It's important that the committee members know that, when they cast their votes tonight, our 400,000 members care very deeply how they vote."

But Boyer wasn't alone in the lobbying effort. AOPA's Washington-based Legislative Affairs staff was also talking to committee members and their staff.

The conference committee is working to reconcile the differences between the Senate and House versions of the FAA reauthorization bill, which establishes overall guidance for FAA programs and sets funding levels.


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