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Attention New Jersey pilots: New Jersey lawmakers want to fingerprint flight studentsAttention New Jersey pilots: New Jersey lawmakers want to fingerprint flight students

<BR><SPAN class=twodeck>Your help is needed to stop the legislation</SPAN><BR><SPAN class=twodeck>Your help is needed to stop the legislation</SPAN>

In a last-minute move Monday before its summer recess that caught many, including AOPA, off guard, the New Jersey General Assembly passed state legislation that requires fingerprinting and identity checks for flight students. Building on AOPA's efforts that have spanned the past year, the association made a case against the measure earlier that day to all New Jersey legislators. However, those efforts failed.

Your help is urgently needed to prevent Senate passage of this legislation.

Contact state Sen. John O. Bennett and your own state senator and urge them to hold New Jersey Senate Bill 432.

As co-president of the Senate, Bennett plays a critical role in holding the legislation as it heads back to the Senate for consideration. Holding the legislation would prevent the legislation from going to the governor for enactment.

Point out to both senators that federal officials have gone on record saying that such state legislation would infringe upon federal responsibility for aviation safety, security, and airspace governance. The bill would not enhance security or protect the citizens of New Jersey. Please contact Bennett today and urge him to hold New Jersey S.B.432!

Senator John Bennett (R-District 12)
Trenton telephone: 609/292-5199
District telephone: 732/863-1644
E-mail: [email protected]

After you have contacted Bennett's office, contact your state senator and make it clear that you oppose S.B.432 and that you would like to see the bill held. Contact information for your senator can be found online.


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