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Attention Texas pilots: Crawford TFR extendedAttention Texas pilots: Crawford TFR extended

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Pilots flying in the vicinity of the presidential retreat near Crawford, Texas, should be aware that a new Crawford ranch notam has been issued to extend the temporary flight restriction (TFR) until 0900 local, January 5.

The previous notam was slated to expire at 1200 local, January 4. The TFR has been active continuously since December 26, 2002.

AOPA encourages pilots to get the most up-to-date notam information before departing.

As with the previous restriction, the TFR has a radius of 30 nautical miles and extends from the surface up to 18,000 feet.

Between 10 and 30 nm of Crawford ranch, the notam requires that pilots must be on an active VFR or IFR flight plan with a discrete ATC-assigned transponder code and must be communicating with ATC. In addition, the only flights permitted within this area will be for the purposes of ingress and egress. Pilots must proceed directly to or from their departure or destination airports.

AOPA warns pilots that this restricted airspace will be actively enforced by the military, and violators will be intercepted and forced down.


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