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N.J. aeronautics director clarifies 'two-lock' ruleN.J. aeronautics director clarifies 'two-lock' rule

<BR><SPAN class=twodeck>Most production single-engine aircraft probably comply</SPAN><BR><SPAN class=twodeck>Most production single-engine aircraft probably comply</SPAN>

At AOPA's prompting, New Jersey Director of Aeronautics Thomas P. Thatcher has supplied a list of "frequently asked questions" to explain the specifics of the state's "two-lock" rule that goes into effect Friday. That rule requires New Jersey airport operators to ensure that any aircraft remaining on the ground longer than 24 hours be secured with two locks to prevent operation of the aircraft.

In the FAQ e-mailed to AOPA today, Thatcher says that an aircraft with a door lock and a magneto key, even if it were the same key, would comply with the order. That would cover most production singles manufactured in the past 40 years. A locked aircraft in a locked hangar also meets the intent of the rule.

AOPA still has concerns with the order and will be meeting with New Jersey transportation officials tomorrow.


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