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Air Safety Foundation begins production on new safety seminarAir Safety Foundation begins production on new safety seminar

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Air traffic control students from Community College of Beaver County (Pennsylvania) simulate ATC "saves" for new ASF seminar.

Student air traffic controllers in the Aviation Sciences program at the Community College of Beaver County, just northwest of Pittsburgh, on Tuesday performed several simulated ATC "saves" of GA pilots as an AOPA Air Safety Foundation video camera rolled. The video will be part of a major new ASF seminar on how pilots can best use ATC and other resources in difficult situations. Called "Say Intentions...When You Need ATC's Help," the free new live ASF seminar will debut with a nationwide tour in May.

Assistant professor for aviation Paul Arnholt arranged use of the advanced ATC training facilities for the ASF taping session. The unique CCBC aviation program, which attracts young people from all over the country, includes training both in basic air traffic controller procedures and in piloting. It is based at the Beaver County Airport.

ASF offers a variety of free programs to help pilots improve their safety knowledge, including exciting interactive online courses. A full listing is available online.


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