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AOPA already at work in Calif. special legislative sessionAOPA already at work in Calif. special legislative session

Even before Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Calif.) was sworn in on Monday and could call the legislature into special session, AOPA was at work in Sacramento trying to restore state aeronautics funding.

John Pfeifer

Last week, AOPA California Regional Representative John Pfeifer made a special trip to the state capital to talk to state legislators about the importance of general aviation and the need to restore the funding.

The state's budget deficits hit aeronautics especially hard. State funding is critical for GA airport maintenance and repair. In September, former Governor Gray Davis slashed $4.8 million out of the aeronautics fund to cover shortfalls in the state's general fund.

AOPA is pursuing legislation (SB 1048) that would help restore aeronautics funding.

"Now that Gov. Schwarzenegger has called the legislature back into a special session to discuss the budget, it's important that AOPA is on the ground floor of aviation policy," said Pfeifer. "We want to ensure that lawmakers recognize the importance of general aviation to California."


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