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President Bush gets 30-nm TFR for Chicago visit WednesdayPresident Bush gets 30-nm TFR for Chicago visit Wednesday

<BR><SPAN class=twodeck>Closes Midway Airport to GA, impacts 15 other airports</SPAN><BR><SPAN class=twodeck>Closes Midway Airport to GA, impacts 15 other airports</SPAN>

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The FAA will implement a 30-nm-radius, 18,000-foot-high temporary flight restriction around Chicago for President Bush's trip there on Wednesday. The TFR is centered on downtown Chicago, less than one mile away from Meigs Field. It is significantly larger than the 5- to 10-nm-radius TFR that has been typical when the President travels. The Secret Service is responsible for securing airspace restrictions to protect President Bush, and their request has resulted in this larger TFR, which impacts 16 airports that fall within the 30-nm radius.

The Chicago TFR will be in effect from 0900 local until 1230 local on Wednesday, June 11. No flights will be permitted within the 0-10 nm ring, effectively closing Chicago Midway Airport to all flights except regularly scheduled passenger airline or cargo flights.

In the 10-30 nm ring, pilots must be on an active IFR or VFR flight plan, must transmit an air traffic control-assigned discrete transponder code, and must maintain constant radio contact with ATC. Flights will be permitted for ingress or egress only. ATC may authorize transit operations. Fifteen public-use airports fall within that ring.

O'Hare International (ORD), Gary/Chicago (GYY), Palwaukee Municipal (PWK), Lansing Municipal (IGQ), Tinley Park Helistop Heliport (TF8), Schaumburg Municipal Helistop Heliport (4H1), Schaumburg Regional (06C), Griffith-Merrillville (05C), Hobart Sky Ranch (3HO), Clow International (1C5), Frankfort (C18), Lewis University (LOT), Howell-New Lenox (1C2), Dupage (DPA), and Sanger (C56) airports all fall within the 10-30 nm ring.

On Thursday, the President will stop in New Britain, Conn., just outside of Hartford, before traveling to Kennebunkport. While the notam for that trip has not been issued yet, indications are that the same size and type of restrictions will be imposed.


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