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President's weekend trip to Maine will shutter two airports, hamper 14 othersPresident's weekend trip to Maine will shutter two airports, hamper 14 others

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The FAA plans to establish a 30-nm-radius temporary flight restriction when President Bush travels to the family's seaside retreat in Kennebunkport, Maine, this weekend. The TFR will expand the existing prohibited area (P-67) around the house to a 10-nm radius, closing Biddeford (B19) and Goosefair (a private landing facility) airports. It will also restrict operations between 10 and 30 nm around the elder President Bush's home, affecting operations at Portland International Airport (PWM) and 13 others ( see list below). Combined, these airports are home to more than 450 aircraft and host over 270,000 general aviation landings and takeoffs per year.

The TFR will be in effect from 1425 local on Thursday, June 12, until 1200 local on Monday, June 16.

Within the 10-30 nm radius area of the TFR and below 18,000 feet, flight operations for ingress or egress only are permitted. Aircraft must be on an active IFR or VFR flight plan with a discrete beacon code assigned by ATC. In addition, the notam does say that air traffic control may authorize aircraft to transit the TFR.

Pilots are encouraged to check notams prior to all flights as changes may occur.

The airports that will be closed by this TFR are Biddeford (B19) and Goosefair (private). The airports that will be affected within the 10-30 nm ring include: Portland International Airport (PWM), Limington Harmon (63B), Sanford Regional (SFM), Skyhaven (DAW), Littlebrook (3B4), Pease International (PSM), Hampton (7B3), Sky Dive Lebanon (private), Acton (private), Buzzy (private), Little Ossipee Lake (private), Douglas (private), Webster (private), and Oak Knoll (private) airports.


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