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AOPA Air Safety Foundation offers online help to pilots in the most challenging environment--single-pilot IFRAOPA Air Safety Foundation offers online help to pilots in the most challenging environment--single-pilot IFR

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Single-Pilot IFR decision exercise

Flying alone or as the sole pilot in instrument meteorological conditions is one of the most challenging types of flying a pilot can do. It requires a tremendous amount of organization and forethought.

For those pilots, the AOPA Air Safety Foundation has just introduced Single-Pilot IFR , a free online course designed to help pilots come to grips with the often rapid-fire decisions involved in flying in the soup.

" Single-Pilot IFR focuses on decision-making, organization, and cockpit resource management," said ASF Executive Director Bruce Landsberg. "Staying 'ahead of the plane' is even more critical when you can't see."

One of the exercises is based on an actual accident. The exercise asks pilots to make a series of decisions about a flight that is slowly deteriorating and presents the outcome of each in a "decision tree" format, leading eventually to the successful or unsuccessful conclusion of the flight. At the end of the exercise, pilots can compare their decisions with the conclusions of the National Transportation Safety Board investigators from the actual accident.

The new interactive program uses true-or-false, multiple choice, and other question formats in an entertaining atmosphere to effectively teach a serious topic. "By the time a pilot finishes the course, he or she will understand many of the risks and challenges of single-pilot IFR operations," said Landsberg.

Single-Pilot IFR was made possible by the generous donations of Mike Lazar and Lessing Stern. Completing the interactive course and successfully passing an online quiz fulfills a pilot's seminar attendance requirement for the FAA Wings program.

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation, the world's largest nonprofit GA safety organization, was founded in 1950 solely to help general aviation pilots improve flight safety. ASF produces live seminars, online interactive courses, videotapes, written Safety Advisors, and other aviation safety materials for free distribution to all GA pilots.

Foundation safety outreach efforts are funded through voluntary donations by AOPA members and tax-deductible contributions from individual pilots and companies interested in promoting general aviation safety.


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