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New Postcards Online feature Vermont, Mackinac Island, and Long BeachNew Postcards Online feature Vermont, Mackinac Island, and Long Beach

New Postcards Online feature Vermont, Mackinac Island, and Long Beach

No matter where your home airport is, AOPA Online has a weekend destination for you. Postcards Online's latest destinations are Rutland, Vermont (East); Mackinac Island, Michigan (Central); and Long Beach, California (West) - site of AOPA Expo October 21-23.

Postcards Online are another exclusive feature for AOPA members on AOPA Online.

Rutland, Vermont's second largest city, sits in a wide valley surrounded by hills now sporting glorious fall foliage. Within an hour's drive of Rutland, you can find yourself in any one of dozens of picture-perfect New England villages.

Mackinac Island is a serene Great Lakes getaway just two-and-a-half hours by a Skyhawk from Chicago, Detroit, or Madison, Wisconsin. It is a place where the grandeur and luxury of great Victorian-style resorts lingers on.

The last time AOPA held its Expo in Long Beach, all attendance records were smashed. Okay, it's possible that it was because Southern California is host to Earth's largest concentration of pilots. But maybe it's also because Long Beach, 25 miles south of Los Angeles and home to one of the world's busiest GA airports, is sunny, fun, clean, safe, and within an hour of some of the most exciting destinations any pilot could lust after.

AOPA Online's Postcards Online is a monthly collection of travel sites designed for the general aviation pilot and customized to the region that you live in. Delivered once a month via AOPA ePilot, Postcards Online is a partnership between AOPA Pilot magazine and Flyguides, a comprehensive online general aviation resource that spotlights the best places to fly in the United States. To read the complete features, visit the Web site.

October 1, 2004

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