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Almost $5 million insurance for a 182 in Europe!Almost $5 million insurance for a 182 in Europe!

Almost $5 million insurance for a 182 in Europe!
New EU liability requirements take effect April 30

Thinking of flying your N-registered aircraft in Europe? Better make sure you can afford it. The European Union is imposing new liability insurance requirements for general aviation aircraft starting April 30. If you were flying a Cessna 182 with four people on board, you'd need almost $5 million in insurance coverage - assuming you could find the coverage and afford it.

"This new regulation creates a hardship and is unfair toward the owners and operators of small GA aircraft based in Europe or those who fly there occasionally," said Luis Gutierrez, AOPA director of regulatory and certification policy. "It's almost impossible for light aircraft operators to get more than $1 million in liability insurance from U.S. underwriters."

AOPA is currently working with several insurance companies to determine if it is feasible to provide temporary liability insurance for members desiring to fly to Europe for a one-time trip or longer-term insurance to cover those on an extended stay.

For more information, see AOPA's regulatory brief.

April 20, 2005

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