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FAA grounds recently manufactured 182s and 172sFAA grounds recently manufactured 182s and 172s

FAA grounds recently manufactured 182s and 172s

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An emergency airworthiness directive, originally issued last Friday and revised with corrected serial numbers on Monday, has been issued on 41 recently produced Cessna singles. Cessna found control and rigging discrepancies on several aircraft at the production facility in Independence, Kansas, during inspections and notified both affected customers and the FAA. The AD requires a one-time, detailed inspection of the flight control system, correction of any installations that don't conform to the type design, and rectification of any damage. Some of the problems have included missing nuts on a flap assembly, misrouting of elevator trim cables and other control cables, chafing of elevator cables near the fuel selector, and missing or incorrect safety pins on control cables. The aircraft were all produced in Cessna's Independence plant. Cessna sources tell AOPA that the plant was never shut down and that the problems did not affect other Cessna single-engine models produced there.

Update: March 9, 2005

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