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AOPA comments on Alaska military training route proposalAOPA comments on Alaska military training route proposal

AOPA comments on Alaska military training route proposal

AOPA is filing comments to an Air Force proposal that seeks to make changes to military training routes (MTRs) in Alaska. AOPA supports the modifications to MTRs 937 and 940 because they will reduce future traffic conflicts between military and general aviation aircraft south of Delta Junction. But the association is concerned that the draft environmental assessment (DEA) inadequately addresses the effects on general aviation that the two new MTRs, 960 and 970, would have on vital VFR routes operating northwest of Fairbanks. "AOPA recognizes the USAF is proposing an average of one flight per week along the new MTRs, a relatively low frequency of use; however, the USAF should acknowledge the critical nature of these VFR routes and the high level of sensitivity to the safety-of-flight concerns of Alaska pilots and the public at large," AOPA said. AOPA is recommending that the final document address in detail the safety-of-flight concerns and discuss strategies for mitigating the negative impact on general aviation. The deadline for public comments is August 12. The DEA can be viewed on the Web.

August 5, 2005

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