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California volunteers meet to protect airportsCalifornia volunteers meet to protect airports

California volunteers meet to protect airports

Encroachment, airport closure, noise - these are issues that could creep up at your local airport. And the key to stopping or preventing these issues all together starts at the local level with the pilots and AOPA Airport Support Network (ASN) volunteers.

For example, a San Diego-area comprehensive airport land-use plan has sparked controversy over protecting land around airports. The San Diego area alone has nearly a dozen public-use airports.

Alan Cruise, the ASN volunteer for Oceanside Municipal in the San Diego area, other San Diego area volunteers, and pilots are actively advocating and educating their local elected leaders and the general public about the value of smart land-use planning, which can prevent encroachment, airport closure, and noise issues that face airports nationwide.

"In California and across the country, airports are being threatened by development because of poor land-use oversight at the local level," said AOPA ASN Director Stacy Platone Swigart. "These meetings are terrific opportunities for ASN volunteers to exchange ideas to combat land-use issues - like they did in San Diego - as well as to share their successes and seek advice from peers and AOPA staff."

The next ASN meeting takes place Friday, November 4, during AOPA Expo 2005 in Tampa. More information about becoming an ASN volunteer is available on AOPA Online.

August 25, 2005

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