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Flight of mistakesFlight of mistakes

Flight of mistakes

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When two pilots last May mistakenly flew deep into the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) surrounding Washington, D.C., Frederick (Maryland) Municipal Airport instantly became the focus of worldwide media attention. The two were forced to land at Frederick (AOPA's headquarters) and instantly became the most infamous aviators on the planet.

Several AOPA staff members, including AOPA Pilot Editor in Chief Thomas B. Haines, talked to both, helping them deal with media inquiries and regulatory agencies.

Wanting to make sure that no other pilots would face such a situation in the future, both agreed to be interviewed by Haines after the dust settled. He wove their fascinating stories into "Flight of Mistakes" in the January issue of AOPA Pilot, which will be appearing in your mailbox soon. AOPA members can also read the story online.

December 29, 2005

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