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New year, new sweeps: It's a Six!New year, new sweeps: It's a Six!

New year, new sweeps: It's a Six!

AOPA's Win a Six in '06 Sweepstakes
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The Piper Cherokee Six before restoration.

Welcome to 2006, and welcome to AOPA's Win a Six in '06 Sweepstakes! This year, we'll be giving away a fully refurbished 260-horsepower 1967 Piper Cherokee Six, and it'll be one of the nicest Sixes ever. When the project is finished, that is.

Right now, the airplane is going through the very first stages of its transformation from a well-used family wagon to a luxury travel machine with the latest in avionics, engine, and airframe speed mods.

Of course, it's the Six's load-hauling ability that makes the Cherokee Six a very desirable airplane indeed. But there are plenty of other reasons why this airplane has managed to stay in production for nearly 40 years. And why it makes a great sweepstakes airplane. It's easy to fly, very forgiving, and has simple systems and fixed landing gear - all of which make for manageable insurance rates for even low-time pilots.

By the way, the airplane's N number will be changed to reflect its new mission. It will become N164U - a Six for you.

Go to our special Web page to read more about your Six in '06. You can follow the progress as we turn this load-hauler into a luxury, travelin' dream machine. Join AOPA or renew your membership anytime in 2006 for your chance to win.

And no, we haven't picked the winner of 2005 AOPA Sweepstakes aircraft - the Countdown Commander - at least not yet. But we will soon. When you least expect it, Phil Boyer may be showing up.... Well, just wait and see.

December 29, 2005

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