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Ohio budget plan calls for reduced aircraft feesOhio budget plan calls for reduced aircraft fees

Ohio budget plan calls for reduced aircraft fees

If the General Assembly approves, Ohio aircraft owners will get some relief from outsized registration fees. AOPA state legislative experts met with Ohio Department of Transportation officials and representatives from the governor's office last week to push for a change. Now Gov. Bob Taft has included a fee reduction in his budget bill (HB 66) from a flat $100 per aircraft to a $15 per seat fee. (Before the switch to the flat fee, Ohio charged $3 a seat to register aircraft, a fee that hadn't increased since 1941.) The law would also add airport improvements to the list of things the new fees would fund.

"We appreciate that both the Taft administration and the General Assembly listened to Ohio pilots and recognized that the 800-percent overnight increase was unwarranted," said Roger Cohen, AOPA vice president of regional affairs. "AOPA has made mitigating this fee a top priority, and we're dedicating resources to working with the state to achieve this goal."

February 16, 2005

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