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Postcards Online - Great getaways for weekend fliersPostcards Online - Great getaways for weekend fliers

Postcards Online - Great getaways for weekend fliers

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A fast-moving fog rolls in to blanket
the city of San Francisco. You can fly
right over Alcatraz on the Bay Tour,
one of America's most exciting big-city
flying opportunities. (Flyguides photo)

No matter where your home airport is, AOPA Online has a weekend destination for you. Postcards Online's latest destinations are Stockbridge, Massachusetts (East); Pinckneyville, Illinois (Central); and Santa Rosa, California (West).

Just a 10-minute drive from both Pittsfield Airport (PSF) and Great Barrington Airport (GBR), the quintessential New England quaint-as-all-get-out towns of Stockbridge, West Stockbridge, Lenox, Great Barrington, and Lee offer beauty and tranquility. Main Street in Stockbridge is about as prototypical New England as you could want.

The landmark Red Lion Inn, established in 1773, was immortalized by Norman Rockwell in a painting of Main Street.

Pinckneyville-DuQuoin Airport (PJY) is home to the annual gathering of the Internet's rec.aviation newsgroup. Back in 1997, when some of the rec.aviation denizens suggested it might be a good idea to meet up in person at a convenient central point, a generous couple named John and Mary Johnson stepped forward with an offer of hangar space at PJY. What began as a spontaneous fly-in is now a regular event. And a more ragtag, fun-loving, tall-tale-telling bunch of pilots it would be hard to find.

The Pinckneyville Fly-In takes place at the Pinckneyville-DuQuoin Airport May 20 through 22.

The joys of California's Wine Country, just north of San Francisco, include spectacular scenery that is simultaneously rugged and lush - and it's great flying country. While the celebrities line up to land on the narrow strips at Sonoma Sky Park (0Q9) and Sonoma Valley Airport (0Q3), locals and wine lovers in search of top value for the dollar head for Santa Rosa.

AOPA Online's Postcards Online is a monthly collection of travel sites designed for the general aviation pilot and customized to the region that you live in. Delivered once a month via AOPA ePilot, Postcards Online is a partnership between AOPA Pilot magazine and Flyguides, a comprehensive online general aviation resource that spotlights the best places to fly in the United States.

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February 18, 2005

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