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Pilots take security message to heartPilots take security message to heart

Pilots take security message to heart

When AOPA asks, the response is almost instantaneous. The e-mails started coming back almost as soon as AOPA President Phil Boyer's security letters to instructors and FBOs hit the net. And what is clear in the responses is that pilots and flight instructors take general aviation security very seriously. Many were quick to tell us that security measures are already enforced at their airports, but they appreciated the reminder. Many others promised to redouble their efforts to spread the security responsibility message.

A sample of some of the replies:

  • Good reminder, Phil. We are all on board at Glendale Aviation (GEU). This has been our policy for years.
  • You've given each of us a nice dose of "here's what you can do." I know that I will take your words to heart, and will discuss each of your ideas with other instructors, and together we will make a difference."
  • Phil, I forwarded your message to my stable of students, with this note: Please read this carefully as it could impact the future of all of our flying.... My foreign students constantly remind me how fortunate we are in the U.S. to have this freedom not only to be able to fly from a regulatory standpoint, but also from a financial standpoint.... The responsibility for airport and aircraft security lies with you and me.
  • I will do my part at my airport in St. Charles, Mo. I own a Pitts and a Stearman that I have in a locked hangar, and carry the keys to the aircraft with me at all times. I will spread the word around at the airports in St. Louis.
  • Your letter is right on target. I would like permission to print it in its entirety in the bulletin that is distributed to all pilots at Oakland-Troy Airport. I am sure you agree that your advice goes beyond instructors, and should be followed by every pilot whenever the subject of air security comes up.
  • You are right, how stupid and unconcerned can we be and let this happen to us as pilots.... We all can contribute to "cleaning up" this problem.
  • What a great letter! I've copied it and forwarded it to all my employees.
  • AMEN!!!

July 1, 2005

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