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Congressional policy weekend sparks pop-up TFRCongressional policy weekend sparks pop-up TFR

Congressional policy weekend sparks pop-up TFR
TFRs for public figures should not become the norm

Pilots are banned from flying within 10 nautical miles of the Greenbrier resort in Lewisburg, West Virginia, this weekend. But this restriction isn't for the President - it's for congressmen.

"I am concerned that members of Congress require temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) for a visit to the Greenbrier resort for a policy weekend," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "The sudden move to now issue flight restrictions over members of Congress is especially puzzling in light of recent reports from the Department of Homeland Security that the terrorist threat level for the United States has actually decreased over the past few months."

The FAA has issued a last-minute notam restricting flight within 10 nm around the resort and up to 10,000 feet msl for the entire weekend. The TFR became active at 8 p.m. Eastern Thursday (just three hours after the FAA released the notam) and continues through 3 p.m. Eastern Sunday.

January 28, 2005

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