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Security threat level "orange" for mass transitSecurity threat level "orange" for mass transit

Security threat level "orange" for mass transit
No change expected for aviation

Sec. Michael Chertoff
Michael Chertoff

Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff on July 7 raised the terror alert level to "orange" or "high" for rail and mass transit systems, but at this point, he is not changing security restrictions for general aviation or the airlines. That in the wake of the bombings targeting subway trains and a bus in London.

"We ask the public to remain alert and report any suspicious activities to the authorities," said Sec. Chertoff at a noon press conference, "but we are NOT suggesting they avoid any public transportation facilities.... We're are also asking state and local authorities to step up their surveillance of transportation facilities."

AOPA is currently talking to Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, and the FAA to determine what, if any, changes may be in store for general aviation. Again, at this point, there is no increased security concern for general aviation.

"Nevertheless, pilots should review AOPA's Airport Watch guidelines and not hesitate to report any suspicious activity to 866/GA-SECUR[E] or local law enforcement," said Andy Cebula, AOPA senior vice president of government and technical affairs.

July 7, 2005

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