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AOPA resources to keep you out of restricted airspaceAOPA resources to keep you out of restricted airspace

AOPA resources to keep you out of restricted airspace

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The FAA is contemplating new security-related airspace training for all pilots. And while that's a good idea - and something AOPA has pushed very hard for in lieu of $100,000 fines and five-year certificate suspensions (see " FAA announces plan for new security-related airspace training" and " Senate bill passes without tough GA security rule") - there's no reason to wait to take the training.

And there are plenty of reasons that you should do it before the FAA mandates, unless you want an up-close and personal view of an armed F-16 and are looking to create another black eye for general aviation.

Fortunately, AOPA has the training resources for you right now, no matter where in the country you might be flying.

If your course takes you anywhere within about 200 miles of Washington, D.C., check out the latest minicourse from the AOPA Air Safety Foundation - everything you need to know should you inadvertently enter the Washington Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

If you intend to fly in the ADIZ, this course on ADIZ operations is the one for you. Get the nitty-gritty on how to file an ADIZ flight plan, get a clearance, talk to controllers, and set your transponder.

Finally, keep in mind that security-related temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) can pop up anywhere in the country that President Bush or Vice President Cheney travel. So even if you never get closer than 2,500 miles from Washington, you still need to know about restricted airspace and intercept procedures. And for that, we have " Know Before You Go," another of the Air Safety Foundation's online course offerings.

To recycle the old cliché, one F-16 intercept can ruin your entire day....

July 26, 2005

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