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Tips for safe flights to and from fly-ins and Sun 'n FunTips for safe flights to and from fly-ins and Sun 'n Fun

Tips for safe flights to and from fly-ins and Sun 'n Fun

Sun 'n Fun - the event that has become known as the kickoff to the spring flying season - is less than a week away. And if you are one of the thousands of pilots who plans to fly in, the AOPA Air Safety Foundation has added fly-in safety tips to the AOPA Online Safety Center to help you make it to Sun 'n Fun and back without incident.

Through the "Now Featuring" section on the Online Safety Center, you have access to the Sun 'n Fun notam, VFR arrival photos, a Sun 'n Fun arrival video, plus general guidelines for fly-ins.

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation provides a list of safety tips for you to follow during each phase of flight: before preflight, preflight, en route, landing, after landing, and departure (on the ground and in the air). Information about how to obtain an FAA 2005 Quick Reference Book for fly-in arrivals and departures also is available.

Safety Advisors are available that cover nearly every obstacle that you might encounter on the way to and from a fly-in, including operations at towered and nontowered airports, collision avoidance, takeoffs and landings, and stall/spin awareness.

If you are rusty on your air traffic control communication skills, or you aren't sure how busy the radios will be when you arrive, listen to an ATC audio clip of communications at EAA AirVenture, with 28 aircraft landing per minute.

The more you prepare in advance for fly-in procedures, the easier and more enjoyable your experience should be.

April 6, 2005

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