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Boyer named to council that will help define new ATC systemBoyer named to council that will help define new ATC system

Boyer named to council that will help define new ATC system

Phil Boyer

AOPA President Phil Boyer was appointed Monday to the executive committee of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS) Institute's Industry Management council, which will work with the federal government to define a new air traffic control system. Boyer is the sole voice representing small GA aircraft and operations on a council that is heavily populated with leaders from the airline and commercial aviation industry.

"Not only is AOPA fighting for GA access to airspace and airports in 2005, but the association also is keeping its members at the forefront of this long-term government/industry effort to ensure that GA pilots will continue to have that access in 2025," said Boyer. "Without AOPA on the council, GA would have little representation, and the unique needs of its pilots and aircraft might be overlooked."

The recently created NGATS Institute is part of the National Center for Advanced Technology and will work in coordination with the Joint Planning and Development Office on a long-term aerospace industry effort to transform the National Airspace System (NAS). The goal is to triple the capacity of the NAS by the year 2025, while increasing safety and security.

Along with Boyer, the five-member executive committee includes a representative each from the Air Transport Association, Air Traffic Control Association, Aerospace Industries Association, and Air Line Pilots Association. The management council is composed of 15 industry leaders from various segments of civil aviation.

June 13, 2005

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