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FAA wants AD for props serviced by UK companyFAA wants AD for props serviced by UK company

FAA wants AD for props serviced by UK company

The FAA is proposing to issue an airworthiness directive (AD) on Hartzell and McCauley controllable propellers that were serviced by CSE Aviation (Oxford Aviation Services Limited) in the United Kingdom between September 1998 and October 2003. Although the work was done overseas, the FAA says some 515 CSE Aviation-serviced props were installed on U.S.-registered aircraft, and some of them may be flying in the United States.

The FAA contends that CSE Aviation failed to perform specific inspections and repairs when it serviced propellers. That could lead to a blade separation and loss of control of the aircraft.

To remedy the problem, the agency is proposing that the propeller be disassembled, inspected, and repaired if necessary within 10 hours time-in-service (TIS) if the prop had had a ground strike and was serviced by CSE Aviation. For other props serviced by the company, compliance time ranges from 200 to 500 hours TIS, depending upon the total time on the prop.

The FAA estimates it will cost owners about $3,000 per prop to comply with the proposed airworthiness directive.

Comments on the proposal must be submitted to the FAA by August 15.

June 16, 2005

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