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AOPA Fly-In introductory flight winner takes to the skyAOPA Fly-In introductory flight winner takes to the sky

AOPA Fly-In introductory flight winner takes to the sky

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Nearly 250 people attended
seminars about how to start
the process of learning to fly.

The rev of an aircraft engine, soaring through clear blue skies - those are just two of the many allures of aviation that can fill people with a passion for flight. Jacqueline Jenkins experienced that charm Saturday during her introductory flight in Florida, which she won while attending a "How to Start Learning to Fly" seminar during AOPA's Fly-In and Open House June 4 in Frederick, Maryland.

"When my hour was up, I didn't want to land. I was having too much fun," Jenkins wrote in an e-mail to AOPA. "There is nothing that has given me more pleasure than soaring through the air in the cockpit of an airplane."

Jenkins, who lives in Florida, was introduced to flying by former U.S. Navy pilot and AOPA member Carl Logan of Arlington, Virginia. Logan started mentoring Jenkins after they met in Florida on business, and he is currently helping her check out flight schools.

"When I shared my dream with Commander Logan, he took me 'under his wings' and up on my very first flight," Jenkins wrote. "It was after this experience that I knew that I had to fulfill my heart's desire."

AOPA gave away gift certificates to 14 other future pilots to help them get their training started on the right foot with an introductory flight. The free first flights and educational seminars were part of AOPA's Project Pilot initiative - an effort to help pilots pass along their skill and enthusiasm to student pilots.

"After this flight from AOPA, I am more determined than ever to get my private pilot's license," Jenkins continued.

June 28, 2005

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