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AOPA opposes proposed 'luxury tax' on aircraft in OregonAOPA opposes proposed 'luxury tax' on aircraft in Oregon

AOPA opposes proposed 'luxury tax' on aircraft in Oregon

Telling state lawmakers that "general aviation is a necessity, not a luxury," AOPA has voiced its strong opposition to an Oregon bill that would impose a new tax on a range of so-called luxury items, including aircraft.

"To thousands of Oregonians in virtually every community and corner of the state, access to a small general aviation airplane is a necessity, rather than a 'luxury,'" said Roger Cohen, AOPA vice president of regional affairs. "In some remote areas of the state, general aviation represents perhaps the sole means of transportation."

House Bill 3254 would arbitrarily impose a new, unspecified tax on many luxury items from fur coats to submarines, but it would hit general aviation hard. Airplanes, gliders, kitplanes, hang gliders, and sightseeing and recreational flights all would be taxed.

But the current wording in the bill also would impose the tax on aircraft used for vital services. Many communities depend on general aviation aircraft for emergency and medical transportation, business purposes, firefighting, law enforcement, and security support. The state's agriculture and forestry industries also are heavily dependent on general aviation.

March 24, 2005

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