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Ugly duckling will soon be envy of the flockUgly duckling will soon be envy of the flock

Ugly duckling will soon be envy of the flock

It may look hideous at the moment - that is unless you happen to like avocado green primer - but just you wait. The AOPA Sweepstakes Commander Countdown airplane is about to go through an amazing transformation.

All the cracked and warped thermoplastic parts - the wing tips, dorsal fin fairing, and elevator tips - have been removed. New parts from Globe Fiberglass of Lakeland, Florida, will be installed soon.

Speaking of Lakeland, Master Aircraft Painters at Wickenburg Municipal Airport in north-central Arizona is on a pretty tight schedule, since your Commander Countdown is supposed to be sitting pretty beside the big AOPA tent at Sun 'n Fun April 12-18.

Besides all the other exciting modifications we've mentioned in the past, the airplane will also have some tricks to improve slow-speed handling. See the latest restoration update.

March 28, 2005

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