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New York stadium project could hamper GA opsNew York stadium project could hamper GA ops

New York stadium project could hamper GA ops

If a stadium project moves forward in New York, it could cause an indirect impact on general aviation traffic. The New York Legislature is considering a proposal submitted by the Empire State Development Corp. to build a new Jets football stadium. While the FAA found that the structure itself would not create a hazard to air navigation, the infamous stadium notam would kick in anytime a game takes place there. The notam bars low-altitude air traffic - below 3,000 feet agl - within a 3-nautical-mile-radius of large stadiums from an hour before through an hour after events. AOPA is concerned about the effect on air traffic using the Hudson River and East River VFR corridors and has asked the FAA to ensure that the corridors remain open.

May 6, 2005

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