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AOPA reminds pilots of sport pilot driver's license 'catch'AOPA reminds pilots of sport pilot driver's license 'catch'

AOPA reminds pilots of sport pilot driver's license 'catch'

The sport pilot certificate and light-sport aircraft are gaining popularity. And AOPA members will get a chance to see these new aircraft at AOPA Expo 2005 in Tampa, Florida.

But some confusion still surrounds these new aircraft and the pilot certification process. Pilots have been calling AOPA's Pilot Information Center because their medical certificates have been denied, meaning they cannot use their driver's license to medically qualify to fly as a sport pilot.

"If your most recent application for medical certification was denied, suspended, or revoked, or if the most recent special issuance authorization was terminated or withdrawn, medical self-certification with a valid driver's license is not an option," explained Gary Crump, AOPA director of medical certification. "Following a denial of a medical application or special issuance termination, you must reapply to the FAA and be granted a one-time special issuance medical in order to then medically self-certify with a valid driver's license."

If you have questions about sport pilot medical self-certification, call AOPA's medical certification staff (800/872-2672) before you apply for a medical certificate.

August 5, 2005

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