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What to say about the ADIZWhat to say about the ADIZ

What to say about the ADIZ

When you write the FAA to oppose the ADIZ, here are a few things you should say, in your own words:

  • Describe yourself as a pilot, type of pilot certificate(s) held, total hours, how much you fly annually, aircraft owner or renter, how you use your pilot certificate (personal transportation, business, etc.), and please cite other relevant statistics and facts.
  • Explain to the FAA how this type of restriction adversely affects VFR flying. You can use your experiences from the post-9/11 Enhanced Class B that imposed similar operating restrictions in the Class B airspace in your area.
  • The Washington, D.C., Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) is operationally unworkable and imposes major burdens on pilots and air traffic controllers alike, all with minimal security benefits, and it must NOT be made permanent.
  • No general aviation aircraft has ever been used in a terrorist attack. And the government has determined that not a single ADIZ violation was terrorist-related. Protecting the Washington, D.C., area can be achieved with the existing requirements for the 15-mile Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ), but lighter aircraft, flying at slower speeds, should not be subject to the current ADIZ requirements for filing a flight plan, obtaining a unique transponder code, and maintaining two-way communications with air traffic control.
  • The proposed rule is flawed because the evaluation of the economic and operational impacts on pilots and aviation businesses and an analysis of alternatives are insufficient.
  • Be sure to include the official Docket Number: FAA-2004-17005.

How to send your message

Send your message to the FAA, your representatives in Congress, and a copy to AOPA.

The FAA is accepting comments until November 2. Comments may be filed online by going to the Department of Transportation's Docket Management System, clicking "Simple Search," and entering "17005" as the docket number. Then simply click on the "Comment/Submissions" button to enter formal comments.

Alternatively, written comments may be mailed to: Docket Management Facility, U.S. Department of Transportation, 400 Seventh St. SW, Washington, DC, 20590, or faxed to 202/493-2251. Be sure to include the official Docket Number: FAA-2004-17005.

Find the addresses for your U.S. representative and senators.

Please send AOPA a copy of your comments: AOPA, 421 Aviation Way, Frederick, MD 21701, or [email protected].

October 5, 2005

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