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OK, now tell us what you've doneOK, now tell us what you've done

OK, now tell us what you've done
AOPA wants changes to Racer, JPG MOAs in writing

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The good news out of Indiana is that the Air National Guard has been talking to local pilots about changes to the Racer and JPG military operations areas. Because the original proposals would have severely restricted general aviation access to important flight routes and instrument approaches, AOPA had recommended changes that would preserve GA access without impeding military operations.

The military apparently listened. Reports from the area suggest the military has been actively working with local pilots and airport owners to mitigate those concerns. The bad news so far, none of it is in writing.

"AOPA applauds the Indiana Air National Guard for their efforts," said Heidi Williams, AOPA director of air traffic services, "but any changes resulting from the discussions with local users should be republished for airspace user and public comment."

AOPA called on the FAA to "recircularize" the proposal with the changes, to "allow the FAA to publicly acknowledge the results of good-faith bargaining efforts between civil airspace users and the military proponent, as well as receive wider public comment on any mitigation efforts designed to reduce impacts on civil air traffic."

March 11, 2005

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