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Time to brush up on your flying skillsTime to brush up on your flying skills

Time to brush up on your flying skills

Spring is just around the corner, and the AOPA Air Safety Foundation is ready to help you dust off your flying skills. To help pilots safely get in and out of nontowered airports, ASF has updated the popular Safety Advisor, Operations at Nontowered Airports .

More than 12,000 airports in the United States do not have operating control towers. This publication provides a review of entry and exist procedures, safety tips, and suggestions on how VFR and IFR traffic can mingle happily.

To help you fly at the nation's 400 towered airports, ASF has put together another Safety Advisor, Operations at Towered Airports . This publication offers a review of airport signs, markings, and communications and provides easy-to-use departure and arrival checklists. All of the Air Safety Foundation's print publications can be viewed online and printed from the foundation's Web site.

March 11, 2005

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