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Systems 101: Engine and PropellerSystems 101: Engine and Propeller

Systems 101: Engine and Propeller

Engine and Propeller

How much does an engine overhaul cost? What are signs of potential propeller problems? Is there a sure-fire way to consistently start a hot fuel-injected engine? Answers to all these questions and more are covered in the AOPA Air Safety Foundation's new online course " Engine and Propeller."

The free course, sponsored by Lycoming, Hartzell, Cessna, and Continental, uses interactive activities and video clips to teach you the ins and outs of carbureted and fuel-injected piston engines and fixed-pitch and constant-speed propellers. An added bonus is a short section about the ignition system.

Learn how to manage engines efficiently, including ways to control engine temperature and the importance of keeping a watchful eye on oil temperature, exhaust gas temperature, and cylinder head temperature.

Because 15 to 20 percent of all accidents are related to mechanical failure (often because of a lack of maintenance), the course also teaches preventive maintenance, proper aircraft care, and detailed preflight inspections of the propeller. Plus learn what signs could foreshadow an engine or propeller problem and how to prevent propeller corrosion.

Remember, you can save your progress through the course if you don't want to complete it all at once. And like many AOPA Air Safety Foundation courses, it qualifies for the FAA Wings program.

November 11, 2005

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