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Governor signs bill protecting airports, charter schoolsGovernor signs bill protecting airports, charter schools

Governor signs bill protecting airports, charter schools

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday signed into law Assembly Bill 1358, which requires charter schools to notify (in writing) the State Department of Education if they are planning to lease or acquire a new school site within 2 miles of an airport runway. Public schools already were required to do so. The State Department of Transportation now has to grant approval before a governing board or charter school can lease or acquire the property. The bill was authored by Assemblyman Gene Mullin. AOPA Vice President of Regional Affairs Roger Cohen thanked Mullin for carrying the bill. "This new law will significantly strengthen the ability of California's departments of education and transportation to protect both charter school students and the state's airports. Our Golden State members appreciate your efforts and congratulate you on the enactment of the bill. This was simply good public policy," Cohen said.

September 9, 2005

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