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AOPA works to prevent Harvey Field zoning changeAOPA works to prevent Harvey Field zoning change

AOPA works to prevent Harvey Field zoning change

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Harvey Field Airport (lower left - USGS image)

AOPA is working to keep more than half of Harvey Field Airport property in Snohomish, Washington, from being rezoned, an action that could limit the airport's economic viability and future development.

The zoning issue is part of a Snohomish County plan to update its Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood plain maps. The alternative that was submitted for approval would restrict 43 of the 76 acres of airport land from being developed as detailed in the airport master plan. In a letter to the county council, AOPA formally asked that the council reject the alternative.

AOPA had opposed another plan to rezone the airport in 1999; the county recognized the value of the airport to the community and took measures to protect it.

Harvey Field provides more than 446 jobs for the county, more than $7.5 million in labor earnings, and more than $22.2 million in economic activity, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation Aviation Division's 2001 Aviation Forecast and Economic Analysis Study.

September 19, 2005

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