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Do your part: Check notams before flightDo your part: Check notams before flight

Do your part: Check notams before flight

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It's a beautiful day, and the president isn't supposed to be in your area any time soon, so you think it is the perfect opportunity to take a flight. Not so fast - have you checked for other temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) that might be looming in the clear blue yonder? Remember TFRs aren't issued just for the president, and they can be in effect from a few hours to weeks or even longer. That's why it is important to obtain a preflight briefing from flight service and check notams before every flight.

The TFRs that cover much of the Gulf Coast area have snagged several pilots who were trying to take advantage of the clear weather after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The TFRs have remained in effect for weeks to clear the airspace for aerial relief efforts.

"We, as pilots, must do our part to avoid violating a TFR," said Kelvin Ampofo, AOPA manager of aviation services. "Check all notams along your route of flight before flying."

All TFRs are graphically depicted on AOPA's Real-Time Flight Planner. AOPA ePilot sends airspace bulletins regarding presidential travel. ( Sign up for ePilot to receive these alerts.)

September 28, 2005

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