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- Flying the Eclipse- Flying the Eclipse

Flying the Eclipse

Daniel J. McElroy, AOPA 931332, of Columbus, Indiana, and his family - including wife Elli and son Dan Jr. - are among the position holders for an Eclipse 500. All three are experienced pilots - the elder McElroy is a former Delta Air Lines captain, Elli is a former regional airline pilot, and Dan Jr. is a private pilot - and shared their perspectives on flying the 500 with AOPA. In "Flying By Looking" each of the three pilots discuss their experience as pilot in command of the Eclipse. In the two accompanying stories, McElroy examines the transition to glass cockpits and trend monitors.

Flying by Looking at: Glass, Gauges, and Out the Window
Integration: The Big Picture
Flight Directors to Trend Monitors

Updated Tuesday, May 02, 2006 4:18:36 PM

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