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Lessons learned: Landing at the wrong airportLessons learned: Landing at the wrong airport

Lessons learned: Landing at the wrong airport

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You might be current and be able to carry passengers, but how sharp are your cross-country skills? Maybe not as sharp as you think.

AOPA recently updated its Pilot Skills: Currency vs. Proficiency subject report, with AOPA Pilot Senior Editor Alton Marsh's April 2006 article " Proficiency: Oops, Wrong Airport." Marsh discusses how 22 of 50 pilots who e-mailed him got lost - even though they had GPS. That's not all, you can read other AOPA members' accounts of how they landed at the wrong airport.

You also can learn from others' mistakes in AOPA's Never Again online forum. (You may need to sign in.) Then turn to AOPA's subject report as a guide for fun ways to stay proficient - even when time and money are tight or after a long hiatus from flight.

April 25, 2006

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