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Airport board appointment hung up in legal wranglingAirport board appointment hung up in legal wrangling

Airport board appointment hung up in legal wrangling

It should have gone smoothly. Appointing a general aviation pilot to the board that oversees Montana's Great Falls International Airport would only make sense in the scheme of things, but apparently not in the mind of the board's chairman. The Cascade County Board of Commissioners has the right to appoint three members to the seven-member airport board. One of those was Dan Johannes, the first would-be member in years to have a GA background. But the airport board chairman refused to seat Johannes. A legal battle ensued. To support the county in its legal right to make appointments to the airport board, AOPA has sent a letter to the county commission. AOPA is asking members in the area to express similar support. "Having a general aviation pilot on the board can be of tremendous value in ensuring the airport meets the needs of all aviation interests to maximize its potential for your constituents," wrote Greg Pecoraro, AOPA vice president of regional affairs. Jon Kantorowicz, AOPA Support Network volunteer for the airport, has been supporting the county commission's appointment and keeping AOPA apprised of the issue.

December 1, 2006

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