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Does your airport have a compatible land-use plan?Does your airport have a compatible land-use plan?

Does your airport have a compatible land-use plan?
Washington town sets example

One of AOPA's goals is to have state and local governments enact compatible land-use requirements that will protect general aviation airports from encroachment - one of the top threats to airports nationwide. The city of Shelton, Washington, is taking its lead from the state legislature to create an overlay zone for Sanderson Field that will protect it from incompatible land use.

"In our 67 years of experience of general aviation airport advocacy, we have found that airport sponsors and neighboring communities who actively plan for the protection of their airport rarely have problems keeping a vital transportation asset available for the use of their citizens," wrote AOPA Senior Liaison of Airports John Collins in a letter to city officials, applauding them for their initiative.

Local pilots and Airport Support Network volunteer Jack Krause were instrumental in influencing the city to develop the plan.

You too can play a key role in protecting your airport from encroachment. Check with your local elected officials to see if a compatible land-use plan exists - and is being enforced - for your home base.

For more information, see " AOPA's Guide to Airport Noise and Compatible Land Use" and " Airports - A Valuable Community Resource."

December 14, 2006

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