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Remove snow, ice from aircraft with common toolsRemove snow, ice from aircraft with common tools

Remove snow, ice from aircraft with common tools

Frost on wing

For those of us at the bottom of a hangar waiting list, it can be disheartening to watch others taxi their clean aircraft out of their hangars while we're still scraping off ice or snow. Perhaps a fixed-base operator at your airport offers preheat and deice services that will clean your aircraft before you get to the airport.

If not, stick a soft broom, towel, and deicers in your car before you head out. Simple non-abrasive tools like a credit card can help remove snow and ice too.

Glycol, polypropylene antifreeze, and automobile windshield deicers can remove frost and small amounts of ice. Just be sure not to overspray any of these products on the aircraft's windshield. Also watch that melting snow and ice doesn't seep into the aircraft's hinges and refreeze.

For more, check out the AOPA Air Safety Foundation's Winter Weather Safety Hot Spot.

December 21, 2006

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