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AOPA supports Air Force-proposed Silver MOA changesAOPA supports Air Force-proposed Silver MOA changes

AOPA supports Air Force-proposed Silver MOA changes

Most of the time, AOPA and the folks in uniform have "constructive disagreements" over airspace issues. Not this time. This time the military wants to give back airspace for civilian use.

The Air Force is asking the FAA to release some 215 square miles of airspace from the southeast corner of the Silver Military Operations Area (MOA) near Baker, California, and add a little on the southwest side.

"We appreciate the Air Force's proposed release of important airspace, making it available for unencumbered civilian use," said Heidi Williams, AOPA director of air traffic services. "The environmental analysis thoroughly examined general aviation airspace use, including VFR operations. This is something we don't see often, and it speaks well of the Air Force's effort to accommodate GA."

Comments on the proposal must be received by March 3, with three copies sent to:

Manager, Airspace Branch
Western En Route and Oceanic Service Area, FAA
1601 Lind Ave. SW
Renton, WA 98055

February 2, 2006

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