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AOPA supports EPA fuel truck decisionAOPA supports EPA fuel truck decision

AOPA supports EPA fuel truck decision
Important for continued fuel availability

FBO lineman

While it may be popular sport to bash the Environmental Protection Agency, the agency will respond to facts.

A recent decision on airport fuel trucks just proves the point.

After pressure from the FBOs, the EPA decided that airport fuel trucks would be exempt from agency requirements for a secondary containment area to prevent the spread of a bulk fuel leak, a decision that AOPA supports with minor reservations.

"Fuel trucks spend most of their time in transit or refueling aircraft and very little time stationary in staging areas," said Rob Hackman, AOPA manager of regulatory and certification policy. "Had the EPA decided to require containment structures around the truck parking area, it would have increased costs for FBOs and consumers without significantly improving environmental protection."

AOPA did have concerns about the lack of specific guidance on what aircraft fuel trucks need to have on board to clean up secondary fuel spills.

"AOPA requests that the EPA continue to work with the industry on the development of guidance for operators of mobile refuelers to allow them to comply with the remaining provisions," the association said in its comments supporting the EPA exemption.

February 16, 2006

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