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FAA says no to Pompano againFAA says no to Pompano again

FAA says no to Pompano again
Reaffirms AOPA victory supporting GA airports

Pompano Beach Airpark

No, we won't reconsider. That's what the FAA has told the City of Pompano Beach, Florida, which has been trying to restrict general aviation operations at Pompano Beach Airpark.

AOPA had filed a formal complaint against the city over its efforts to limit or shut down flight training operations. The FAA sided with AOPA, ordering the city to stop efforts to unfairly restrict GA use of the airport.

The city asked the FAA to reconsider, and the FAA said "no." "The city has not provided a legitimate or valid reason for the FAA to provide the city with extraordinary special treatment," AOPA said in its legal response to the city's rehearing request. "The city engages in a persistent pattern of whimsical conduct contrary to its obligations under federal law, a pattern of conduct designed and intended to make the airpark unavailable to the public...."

So once again, the FAA ordered Pompano Beach to suspend "the restrictions found to be contrary to the [city's] federal obligations."

"The message is clear. AOPA and the FAA will not tolerate attempts to stop legal use of an airport with illegal regulations," said Bill Dunn, AOPA vice president of airports. "Airport sponsors are on notice: We will not tolerate any attempt to illegally restrict general aviation. Federal processes must be followed - something that Pompano failed to do."

January 13, 2006

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